Tremendously Excited and Appropriately Scared

Hello all,

James here, welcoming you to our blog! It was only last night that we made our final decision to spend the next two years in Costa Rica! Why are we going you may wonder. I shall tell you.

Act 1: The Spark

For nearly a decade, Savanna has dreamt of working with children in Latin America. A dream that no doubt developed in Honduras working with the boys at Jovenes en Camino. While we were dating, I caught her vision and we began talking about becoming missionaries.  Through those conversations we decided that, God willing, we would spend two years on the mission field in order to discern if that is what we are being called to do long term.

Act 2: A Good Fit

Savanna and I were married in July of 2011 and once we were back at Wheaton we began the search. An email was sent to everyone in Savanna’s grad program announcing that representatives from a bilingual school in Costa Rica would be on campus recruiting English teachers. Later that week, we dropped by for the informational meeting. As we entered, we were introduced to Lisa Befus. When we told her that Savanna was in a Master’s in TESOL program and I was a Chemistry major she threw both hands in the air and loudly cheered. We felt very welcomed. Over the next few weeks we went through the application process with La Palabra De Vida and after much prayer and conversation we felt that this is where we should go.

Act 3: The Race to San Jose

So, now we have almost exactly two months before our hopeful departure date. Two months to finish school, pack up our apartment, see our families, raise support, arrange our housing in Costa Rica, and make all of the other preparations. Honestly, I can’t wait.


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