One Week Out

Papa Bailey, MaeMae, Jen, and Joe were also in attendance

Savanna and Her Parents

ACT 1: Remembering  Graduation

We are now in Nashville with Savanna’s parents. Yesterday, we had a slow day in which we went through editing all the Graduation photos with Gilmore Girls on in the background.  Graduation weekend was truly wonderful. We have both been blessed with amazingly supportive and loving families, and I think neither of us ever feel as comfortable as when surrounded by them.  We both know for certain that we will miss our families dearly while we are away.

Not a bad looking bunch, eh?

The Millikan Delegation

ACT 2: Remebering This Past Month

Plenty of Traveling, some Fundraising, enough Paperwork, a little Vacation, and a lot of Family.  Where we’ve been: Chicago, IL → Three Lakes, WI → Nashville, TN → Amelia Island, FL → Oklahoma City, OK → Houston, TX → Chicago, IL → Nashville, TN.  Hopefully, the last month of living out of a suitcase has well prepared us for living out of a suitcase in Costa Rica until we find an apartment. Just this week we received the last of 4 documents, which we had sent out to be Apostilled (certified for international use), in order to apply for Visas. Not surprisingly, Tennessee, Texas, and Minnesota were all much faster in processing our documents than Illinois…

ACT 3: Next Up

Our first week in Costa Rica is promising to be a wild one. We fly into San Jose on Friday, June 15th, and aclimate and apartment hunt over the weekend. On Monday, I (James) will be co-teaching as the current teacher, Leslie Burdick, begins to “hand off” the 7th and 8th grade science classes to me. The following week is “Spiritual Emphasis Week” and then summer break, which in Costa Rica is only a month (their longer school break is in the winter).  Savanna and I have all of our packing still left to do, and right now the plan is for each of us to take 2 big bags and a carry-on (It’s fun to think of it as being 1 bag per year).

We’re still not sure what Savanna’s role at the school will look like to start out.  Back in February when we were recruited, Savanna was expected to take over in July as the 5th and 6th grade English teacher. However since then, the teacher who was expected to leave has decided to finish out the school year, leaving Savanna’s position filled until February. Right now, it looks like she will spend her first semester travelling from class to class doing “Communicative Activities” and “Biblical Integration Activities” as well as small group tutoring with some squirly second graders.

Congratulations to all of you who made it to the end this post,



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