Settling In and Moving Around

It has been another busy week! This past weekend, we went to church again on Saturday night at La Viña, a church plant of The Vineyard churches started by a Wheaton grad. After church we went bowling with a group of people from the church at the first and only public bowling alley in Costa Rica. (Apparently the first one was built in a country club?)

Bowling with the Church Group

Savanna’ Second Grade Class

Also this weekend, a group of teens from College Church arrived to help out with SemanaEspiritual (Spiritual Emphasis Week) and help out with constructing an extension on the cafeteria.  They have been facilitating activities for the students all week and the students are having a great time. The students have a half-day on Thursday and then their four-week break from classes begins. As you can imagine,hey are very ready for vacation so it is nice to have a more active week this week.

Our Friday Uniforms

Our Apartment! (The Right Half)

Thank you so much for your prayers for us! We are pleased to share two very exciting things: First, James has a spot at The Spanish Institute in San José for a four week intensive Spanish class! We are hoping to live with a host family so that he can have more opportunities to practice what he is learning. We are so excited that he will be able to make some progress with the language. Second, we found an apartment! It is within walking distance of the school (about 7 minutes) and in a very safe area. It will not be finished for another two weeks, but that will be perfect timing for when our time with the host family ends. The only concern we had was that it was unfurnished, but yet again, God has provided. A family from Palabra de Vida is moving to the United States next week and they are selling all of their furniture and appliances. They are giving us a great deal and we are so grateful.

We love the big windows!

The Bedroom and Office Space

It has been a good week, but also a hard week. I (Savanna) started to feel a cold coming on Saturday evening and it quickly progressed into an asthma issue. I am very congested and mostly just feel like I have no energy. I’m hoping that the breathing treatments and cough medicine will get me through, but this week has been a true testament to the power of prayer, so I am asking for your prayers for this as well. Please pray that I would get over this without needing to go to the doctor and that God will give me the energy to finish out the week. You can also pray that our time with our host family would go well and our move into the new apartment would go smoothly.

We have felt so loved and supported over these past two weeks. We are so grateful for your emails of encouragement and Facebook comments! All of you are such a blessing and we want you to know that your support gives us strength. Thank you!


6 thoughts on “Settling In and Moving Around

  1. It’s so great to hear about and see pictures of your new life! I’m glad you found a good apartment. Thanks for the updates!

  2. Your ministry sounds very exciting. Sorry that you are not feeling well but we will pray for healing for you. Moving into your own place will be great for you two but the language by living in a home speaking the language will speed the process so much. God bless you both!

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