Living In A Bright Green Home!

It has been far too long and we have so much to catch you up on! Shortly after our last blogpost, we celebrated our one year anniversary here in Costa Rica. James and I were able to grab lunch together at school and I came home to some beautiful flowers (arranged by my amazing husband himself).

That evening we went to Taco Bar, a really fun restaurant in Santa Ana that serves great fish tacos and smoothies. After we left, James commented that we had finally found flavorful food in Costa Rica. It was a welcome treat!

Fish Tacos!

The best anniversary gift of all, though, was that last Thursday we were able to move into our apartment! The Befuses, who we have been living with for the last several weeks, were able to help us get everything moved in. After several trips and a midnight refrigerator move, we were ready to begin setting up. (James and Matt Befus tied our refrigerator to a dolly and pulled it behind a car at 10 mph at midnight so there wouldn’t be any traffic.) We have loved being in our new home, but because we have not had Internet it has been hard to update you all with progress. Hopefully that will change soon!

So, let the tour begin. Here is our bright green home!

Here is our kitchen/laundry room. All Costa Rican homes have a large sink called a “pila” where you can hand-wash your clothes. We’re still trying to figure out what to do with it…

Our truly tica lunch. I tried my hand at Gallo Pinto and James cut us up a pineapple.

Our new (mirror-less) bathroom. We went from having a yellow bathtub in Wheaton to a blue toilet and sink here in Costa Rica. And of course, our scary shower head that has electric wires running through it to heat the water. But I’m not complaining about a hot shower!

Our bedroom. Hopefully the open closet system will be motivation to keep everything organized.

Our future office. Our dresser and bedroom wouldn’t fit in the same room so it’s kind of a multipurpose room. We actually bought our new bookshelf this morning and it is so nice to organize all of our school books.

Our entryway/living room/dining room. Hopefully we’ll get some things on the walls soon.

James here. As a way of trying to bring you all into our day-to-day life, we have developed this interactive map. It shows our weekly treck from home to church and other things along the way. Be sure to click on the icons to read descriptions!

Prayer and Praise:

Praise that we are fully unpacked and we have no piles on the floor anymore! Praise that we are going to be spending Saturday with a local ministry called FundaVida. Praise that Savanna is going to be getting more classroom time over the next two weeks as she fills-in in Preschool until they can replace a teacher who unexpectedly left.
I’m going to be picking up a new class beginning in September: 10th Chemistry. The school has never had a Chemistry program above Jr. High. So, I’m going to be developing one from the ground up. Reality Check: I only took 4 hours of Education classes at Wheaton, and I sure as snot didn’t do a student teaching program. So please remember me in your prayers as I begin this challenge.
Also remember us both in your prayers as we are reminded daily that we are foreigners, and please pray that we will find a place to serve Costa Rica’s poor either in FundaVida or another local ministry – it’s been more difficult than expected, especially trying to line things up with our teaching schedule.
Love you all and thank you for your prayers and thoughts,
James and Savanna

9 thoughts on “Living In A Bright Green Home!

  1. I love your house! So cute! And I am 100% with you guys on the difficulty of the transition. Our first year in Taiwan, I barely left the house I was so depressed. It’s so different visiting a place versus moving there and starting a life. But I promise, it does get better!

    Miss you guys. 🙂

  2. So good to hear of the progress of ‘settling-in’. What an adventure… Daily! A gift God gives us all as we respond to His direction each day. Love the updates! Praying for His surprise blessings each day!!


  3. Your place seems to be just what you need. The changes in housing take some getting use to, but your are flexible I know. We love your blogs and are relieved that you are finally settled. We only realized we had missed your anniverary on August 1. WE are coming up on James’ birthday, and we will send a gift to Phil so he can put it in your account. MaeMae and I know you have hearts to serve God by caring for those in need. We miss you,but know you are doing good things for other. We love you

  4. I can’t believe it’s been a year! Congrats on your anniversary & the house. It looks lovely. It’s going to be hard to top that anniversary gift next year! Hilarious story about moving the fridge! Take care!

  5. It appears you are on quite an adventure together which is exciting. The Lord will bless you on this venture since you are looking to him for guidance! Blessings to you!

  6. Happy anniversary, and congrats on the new housing! I enjoyed the interactive map – great way to get a picture of your life there. Sometimes I think my life is nuts with all the adjustments and new responsibilities, but it pales in comparison to what I imagine yours must be like. Keep it up, you guys. I believe in you. God bless.

  7. Sav & James,

    Love the new place! One year already? Wow! Ah, the wedding – the freak rain storm, the fans, the heat….it was actually all quite wonderful and so glad we were a part of your celebration. James, thanks for the interactive map. Very cool seeing your world and places of interest of along the way. Did I see a Walmart and Applebee’s along the route? Looks like little pieces of home, huh? Maybe…maybe not. Either way, we love your apartment and so glad you’re in. Love the story of the midnight refrigerator drag down the street…classic. Also love the open concept closet…..wonder if Lynette would let us do that in our bedroom?? Hmmm.

    Love you to both….keep on doing your thing.

    Unc. P

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