Today we had our first earthquake. Niether Savanna nor I have ever lived in a place with earthquakes before – which I guess explains why I didn’t realize why my students were so upset when it started…

From 80 miles away from the epicenter, we were close enough to have an exciting morning but far enough away to stay safe.

A bit of backstory: I teach in a classroom below the Gym. So my classes are very often interrupted when the ceiling rumbles as 30 students run around above us. So when the ceiling began to rumble, I barely noticed (after all, I was pretty heavily engrossed in introducing polyatomic ions…). It wasn’t till I noticed the faces of my students – a mix of fear and incredulity that I was not reacting – that I understood that this was not a normal rumble. But I didn’t realize that it was an earthquake until the walls started moving!

So we ran out from under the gym and watched the buildings wobble and the flag pole teater. Thankfully, in our area there was minimal damage and no one was hurt. However, apparently the local news channels announced that parents should go pick up their kids, and within the hour it seemed like 1 in 10 students were taken home. This affect of watching their peers being taken home created a panic among Savanna’s 4 and 5 year old’s, who all became convinced that the reason why they were not picked up was because their parents did not love them.

Savanna was able to convince them that it was not that their parents do not love them, but rather that their parents knew that they were so safe at school that they didn’t need to go home. We certainly are thankful that our area was spared any major damage or injury. Thanks also to all of you who have sent us emails of concern. I hope that this post is a comfort.

Back on solid ground,



2 thoughts on “7.6

  1. Hi James & Savanna. I’m so glad you all made it through the quake okay. I was in Ireland last week and never even knew there was a quake until another of my friends posted that his son and daughter-in-law were also in Costa Rica during the event. Luckily they were out on a boat at the time because they were staying very close to the epicenter.

  2. I know what it is like being in an earthquake. As a 10 year old, we moved to California where light earth quakes were common. MaeMae got her taste of the earthquakes 12 years ago in Japan. We often had books falling from shelves. We have never experienced damage. We are so glad that you did not have any damage at the school, and hopefully none at home. Love you guys and thinking that you are doing such important work. Blessing, MaeMae and Papa.

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