All last week I had a little trouble focusing on being in the classroom and Thursday was particularly rough…because for weeks now I’ve been excitedly awaiting my parents’ FIRST VISIT! James and I took a taxi to the airport on Thursday evening and waited outside to greet my parents. Here in Costa Rica you actually have to wait outside of the airport, so we did our best to stand on tip toes and direct them to a place we could meet.

We got the rental car and we went to one of favorite pizza places, La Maremanna. After we ate it was already really late, so we headed to the hotel for the night.

Yes, those are swings!

We spent Friday spending time catching up. My parents took us to Chili’s and we stuffed ourselves with some amazing food and then we took Mom and Dad to the mall in our area to walk around and show them how insanely expensive things are here. While we were walking through one of the stores, the ground began to shake. I looked up at my mom and said, “I think that’s an earthquake.” The floor shook again and I said, “Yep, that’s an earthquake.” So we headed outside and then it calmed down. There was a 5.8 earthquake in a town on the western coast and my parents got to experience their first “temblor.” That night we went to Tacobar, one of the few places we’ve found with really great fish tacos and then we turned in for the night.

Saturday, James and I actually had a chance to move forward with something we are considering. For the past several weeks we have been strongly thinking about buying a car. Although we can get to all of the essential places we need to go, we are pretty limited in terms of exploring and sight seeing. Although those things may seem unnecessary, we really think that they would help our sense of freedom as well as helping us not feel so confined. Those thoughts were only confirmed when we got to drive around and explore while my parents were here with a car. Not only will it give us a chance to explore, but it will also allow us to get to church in twenty minutes instead of an hour, and home in 20 minutes instead of an hour and a half. So, on Saturday we went to look at a car. We will see what happens! Unfortunately, we left my parents to watch Moose and he barked at them the whole time. I guess it’s good that he’s protective? That night we went to church where my parents patiently sat through an hour long sermon in Spanish, but at the end they got a chance to meet some of our bilingual friends 🙂

The Marriott Hotel

Our little family

On Sunday we took them to our “feria” or farmer’s market to see our Sunday morning routine. It was fun to show them our favorite local coffee, buy some fresh juice, and just let them take in the experience. After buying all of our produce, we headed to the import grocery store where they loaded us up with a few special treats that we don’t normally buy. Ok, more than a few. Then we went up to my classroom and dropped off the amazing things that my parents brought down. James and my Dad were also able to rearrange my classroom into a much more effective set-up that I couldn’t arrange on my own. It will be an exciting day when my students come back on Monday!

At the Farmers’ Market

On Monday, we woke up early and made the trek up to Poás Volcano. This was the second attempt for my parents and me (we had tried to see it for the first time when we

We can’t see it

were here for Luke’s wedding two years ago). Unfortunately, we came, we didn’t see, and we have yet to conquer. It was yet again fogged in and completely invisible. But we had a good time exploring the artesenal community in the area and headed back down the mountain to spend a few more hours at our apartment before we said goodbye.

A huge leaf!

It was so wonderful to spend time with people who’ve known us for more than three months. We got to show them a little picture of what daily life is like for us and really honestly share about some of the hard things we’ve faced. They were such an encouragement and were able to pass on a lot of hugs from people at Harpeth Hills. It was such a blessing to be with them and we look forward to the next time that we get to play host to some familiar faces.

Look at him go

And to make you smile, my parents bought James a machete while they were here. His exact quote was “I feel like such a man.”


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