New Car, Neutered Moose, and Staff Devotional

James here. Savanna and I recently did the morning Staff Devotional. We spoke about Christ as the light the world. We borrowed an analogy from our pastor down here, Chris Dearnley (Wheaton Grad). In recent sermon, he compared Christ to the Sun, and we, the Church, to the moon – reflecting the light of Christ into a dark world. The Church, like the moon, has seasons of being brighter and darker, and when the moon is brightest, it can be bright enough light a clear path in the darkness. We ended our devotional by challenging the other teachers to find a particular student, who needs to see the light of Christ.

And that’s why I am here in Costa Rica. Because I want to reflect Christ’s light on the children of Latin America, so that they might become lights themselves. I really hope that my students will become Costa Rica’s next spiritual, political, and intellectual leaders – that they might be a force for good, doing God’s will and inspiring others to do so as well. That’s why I’m here.

In other news, our little Yorkie, Moose, was neutered this week. Post-surgery care has been harder than we thought. Moose ripped out and ate his outer stitches. Thankfully, his wound stayed closed, and it looks like it will be fine, but we did have to put a cone on him. But the whole ordeal and daily maintenance has really broken much of the trust we had gained with Moose. I hope that it won’t take to long after this is all over to get it back.

We bought a car. After almost 5 months of buses, taxis, and a lot of walking, we asked the owner of the schools bus service to help us find a car. He found a ’99 Toyota Rav4 in excellent condition (’99 is on the younger side of cars in Costa Rica…) After a long international wire transfer process, we drove it home on Tuesday. Not having to walk home from school in the rain is true blessing.

Thank you all for your prayers,



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