My Career as a Model

About two months ago, I was approached by the administrative director of the school and asked a question I never thought I would hear. “Savanna, would you be willing to let us use your picture in the school’s advertising for next year?” Those of you who know me well, take a moment to laugh…I truly did not know what to say. I’ve spent most of my life doing my best to avoid attention. I get embarrassed very easily and really don’t enjoy all eyes on me. God has challenged that fear several times since we’ve been here — I’ve participated in a drama, given the staff devo, and spoken in high school chapel — but being asked to be in the school’s advertising was not something I saw coming.

Mostly due to my people-pleasing mindset, I awkwardly agreed. I was later shown the various stages in the process…different options of how the pictures could be positioned, different color schemes…and I noticed two things. First, I never would have I agreed had I been allowed to see the picture they were going to use before hand. It is a picture of me with one of my students on a day when all of the teachers had been asked to come dressed as children. My pigtail braids just aren’t really my preferred look. A big bite of humble pie. Second, I noticed that all of the ad templates were the backs of buses. They were going to put my face on the back of several buses in our area.

Last week the comments began. Several students and staff members excitedly came over to announce to me that they’d seen my picture on a bus. And thus began (and hopefully ended) my unexpected career as a model. Just so you don’t feel left out…

Can you find me?


3 thoughts on “My Career as a Model

  1. Savanna!!! This is a scream because I know you are about the LAST person who would want your pic on a bus!!!! Actually a great pic!!

  2. Well, that’s pretty awesome!
    Whatever you do, in word or deed (or smile for the camera?) do it all in the name of the LORD Jesus!

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