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An unfortunate reality of life right now is that between lesson planning, preparing for tutoring, trying to keep up with sleep, and my seemingly unending attempts to stay healthy we don’t always get to update you right as things are happening. So, even though the last official day of the school year was on Friday I am just now letting you know about a really exciting thing that happened this year. (By the way, our school schedule is kind of backwards from the States. We just finished a school year and will begin a new year in February.) For the first time ever, the kindergarten through second grade went on a field trip. We drove to a camp about an hour away and spent the day playing with the kids. I loved the chance to spend some time with them outside of the classroom and really have fun together. I hope that these pictures can give you a glimpse of what life has been like for the past six months…or at least a glimpse of who’s been in it.

On our way...

On our way…


Singing songs to get excited

Singing songs to get excited

Pato, Pato, Gonzo...or Duck, Duck Goose

Pato, Pato, Gonzo…or Duck, Duck, Goose



Fun with the parachute

Fun with the parachute

An undiscovered playground

An undiscovered playground


Nature Walk

Nature Walk


The kids talked about it for days afterwards and are already asking if they get to go again next year. Honestly there wasn’t even anything very elaborate or grandiose about the trip, but most times playing and laughing together is just as meaningful of an experience.

So what will James and I be up to over the next few weeks before we head to the States? All teachers are required to do a lot of paperwork to prepare for the next year. For those of us who have new textbooks (me included), we are responsible for mapping out how we plan to cover curriculum for the next year and things like that. James and I along with Kate, another gringa who just arrived last week, will also be teaching English leveling courses for incoming students. I will be working with first and second graders and James will be working with seventh grader to jumpstart their English and Science skills to where they need to be to begin the school year. We could really use prayers for this time. We are pretty exhausted from our first six months of teaching, so pray that we would have energy to work with these kids over the next two weeks, and then when we return in January. You can also pray for the kids we will be tutoring as they face so many adjustments in the coming year…a new school, a bilingual environment, etc….and that we would help make their transition easier. Lastly, I have been battling another cold-like illness for the past two weeks and continue to really struggle with a cough and energy to stand for long periods of time. Please pray for my health and that I would be protected when we do travel back to the States and deal with a much colder environment.

For most of you, see you soon! We can’t wait! (But you’ll probably be hearing from us before then.)


2 thoughts on “Get A Glimpse

  1. James and Savanna, you guys do a great job at updating us! If something doesn’t get written about until later, it’s okay. I know supporters need to be updated, but even more important is the life you’re living there! I remember what that feels like to try to find a balance, but better for updates to fall through the cracks rather than the kids you are ministering to there to fall through. 🙂 It sounds like God is using you in so many ways, as well as growing and challenging you!! I hope this coming time in the States will be super refreshing and Savanna, that you get all the way healed. At the end of my first term in Africa, I got a cough that would not go away for about a month. When I commented that that had never happened to me before, I was told, “You’ve never lived in Africa or been a dorm mom before.” When I had the chance to rest and rest at the first break, it finally went away. I wonder if that’s just normal for some of us as our bodies adjust to so much newness! I pray that it will be different next year! We will be praying for you guys!

  2. Those kids are adorable! Know that they probably love you and idolize you even if they don’t always tell you…take care of yourselves and have a blessed vacation!

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