First Week of Tutoring

Act I: Wrap it up!

A week ago the school year ended – kinda… Two things have kept the school year from truly feeling over.

The first way in which the year has not ended is the paperwork and administrative tasks that come with closing out a school year. Turning in official grades, exit profiles of struggling students, book ordering, chemical ordering (so exciting!), and annual plans for the coming year. These tasks are not nearly as fun as teaching, but at least they don’t come with homework and lesson planning…

The second way in which the year has not ended is that Savanna and I are teaching the ‘English Leveling Course.’ This is a course for incoming students, who are entering a bilingual school for the first time. The course runs from 8 – 11 in the morning.  Savanna has just one preschooler, but anticipates having more soon. Her only student currently has zero English and cannot identify the ABC’s in Spanish. Where to start, huh? Savanna’s has been using plenty of Sesame Street videos and as many of you know, her patience is seemingly endless.

In my classroom, I (James) have 3 sixth grade girls and one ninth grade girl. Since I’ve never taught English before, there have certainly been sometimes when I have felt out of my depth and extremely jealous of the Savanna’s TESOL education. But being in the classroom has been life-giving.

This last week has been hard because these two relatively easy responsibilities combined to form a stressful schedule. It’s been hard to miss deadlines set for us by the administration because of time spent in preparing English lessons. For the most part, those in authority over us have been understanding and for that we are certainly grateful.

Act II: Beach Bound and to the Tundra

We have only one week of tutoring left before we are released for vacation. So after tutoring on Friday, we are packing up Moose in the car and heading for the beach for a few days to rest and enjoy the weather before we fly up to see my folks in Duluth, MN. Our flight leaves at 2:00 AM and we arrive in Duluth roughly 14 hours later (Lord willing). On average there is a >65 degree difference between here and Duluth temperatures on the day we plan to arrive. If I was a fish stick, I would be labelled ‘Flash Frozen’.

Act III: See you in Nashville

Savanna and I will be flying in to Nashville on the 27th. We hope to see many of you on the 30th at Harpeth Hills, and thank you face to face for all your kind support. The next day we will be heading to North Carolina for the full Roe family gathering.

Please be praying for us and our travels. We really can’t wait to see you!



2 thoughts on “First Week of Tutoring

  1. I know the feeling after 55 years of doing it. This part makes me want to retire, but students and interchanges about ideas still thrills me, probably more than ordering chemicals. Eager tot see you in Nashville for even a little time.

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