Ticos and their Chamomile

As the United States is to American and England is to English, so is Costa Rica to Tico. But where did ‘tico’ come from?

In Spanish, diminutive forms are made by adding the suffix ‘ito’ (Example: dog = perro / cute little dog = perrito). In Costa Rica, diminutive forms have been historically made by adding the suffix ‘tico’. (Example: chico = boy / chiquitico = cute little boy) And so, by adopting the national adjective ‘tico’, people from Costa Rica are basically refering to themselves as ‘cuties’…

Cuteness is definitely a priority here. Although from conversations with Luke and Rachel (Savanna’s brother and sister in law), Korea seems to have taken national cuteness to the next level! (Example: Apparently in Korea, it is very common for couples to wear matching clothes – even down to the underwear…)

About a month ago, Savanna got a pink-eye-like eye infection. We walked down to the pharmacy and asked if they had any drops to sooth the itching and pain (most over-the-counter drugs are only dispensed by a pharmacist here). The pharmacist reached behind him and picked up a small bottle labelled ‘Chamomile Tea Drops’. That’s right – Chamomile Tea Drops. But that’s the only thing that they use it for. Chamomile is used to treat cuts, cure stomach aches, reduce fevers, stop coughing, stop diarrhea, make you more ‘regular’, and prevent cancer. We’re not sure how Chamomile became the favorite home remedy, but we do know that our Land Lady and next door neighbor, Lala, believes strongly in its healing powers – like a good tica.


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