Rocky Start. Good Start.

Well I’m back. After a long hiatus away from the blog, this Dengue-survivor has lived to post again. Thanks for reading.

Act 1: A Dengue-rous Situation (Can you handle the ‘pun’ishment?)

On Wednesday night, Feb 6th, I started to feel a sick. The next morning, I had a >100 F fever. That morning was the first day of school, and I had no intention of missing it. The school day began with high-school wide get-to-know-you games. I was running a  game that involved a big rope tied in a circle, in which students worked out first day jitters and got to know each other. Running the game and then teaching left me aching, tired, with a terrible pressure headache and feverish.First Day Games

I stayed home in bed until Sunday. My fever climbed along with my heart rate – both over 103. And there was a new symptom, left side abdominal pain. It was at this point that we (Savanna, Lisa Befus, and myself) drove to the ER at Hospital Clinica Biblica in San Jose.  At the ER, I received a liter of water intravenously and bucketful of tests, none of which lead to a conclusive diagnosis. The ER doc was stumped, so he sent me home to return the next day.

When I awoke the next morning (Monday), I was fever free, however my headache and abdominal pain persisted. I went back for my appointment, this time with a different doctor, I was diagnosed with Dengue and given a prescription for Lisalgil (metamizole), a drug that has been illegal in the USA since 1977… I started to feel much better and after a follow-up on Wednesday, I was cleared to work. I survived.

(A sidenote from the wife: We truly believe that God and your prayers brought us a miracle in bringing James back to health. What could’ve been (and according to a lot information we’ve seen should’ve been) a full two to three weeks of symptoms was about six days total for James. Thank you so much for lifting us up!)

Act 2: For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.

I forgot to mention above: I have a wonderful wife. She cared for me, cooked and cleaned, and taught and prepared for her classes. Sadly, as my health improved, her’s began to decline. She has been having cold-like symptoms for the last week and a half.  These symptoms tested her reserve as she wrangled her 5th graders without a voice for a full week. She’s just now starting to feel better, but it’s been a tough two weeks.

Act 3: “Why are you here?”

My students asked me this today. “Because I believe in this,” I answered. I believe that Savanna and I, by God’s grace, can make a real difference in the kids’ lives, their families, and even their country. I love teaching kids how to solve problems, and I love teaching them about God. But I am here because I believe in the idea of Christian education. Thank you, Lord, for preserving me and Savanna in our sicknesses so that we can continue to do this good work.

Prayer Request:

We are in the planning stages for this years tutoring ministry with La California. Pray that communication lines will remain open with the folks at La California. Pray also that we will find the right La Palabra De Vida students to volunteer as tutors.

(for more medical details email me at


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