Gratitude and How It Makes Everything Enough

I often fall into the trap of counting all the things that have gone wrong rather than counting my blessings. Every once in a while though, I have a moment. A moment of overwhelming gratitude. I stop in my tracks upon being smacked in the face with the reality of all the awesome-ness God has gifted me. It is amazing how gratitude is able to make everything enough.

I’m grateful for our apartment with big windows that let in cool breezes, for the world’s cutest dog who makes every day a little funnier, for an amazing landlady who tells funny stories and gifts great food, for a car that takes us on incredible adventures, for a husband who makes me laugh so hard I can’t breathe, for the MOST supportive family I could have ever imagined, for the tangible ways in which we are able to see the Body of Christ at work (through so many of you)…to name a few.

But this week the moment of “Oh my word, I’m so blessed!” came from a reflection on my health. For the first six months that we lived here in Costa Rica, I was sick for all but 5 weeks total. Although I had asthma growing up, it had been much better throughout my time in college and respiratory issues were not a battle I was expecting to face here. I had to begin a daily maintenance inhaler and started taking a daily (gummy) vitamin (because I’m still just a kid…right?). I was so grateful for my improved health, but every two months when I went to pick up the inhaler I got a little light headed when I was reminded of how much it cost. I had been looking into insurance options for several weeks, trying to find a way to be able to see a doctor without shelling out over $200 or paying every dime for medications, with no luck. With my history of asthma I kept being offered insurance plans that wouldn’t cover anything related to asthma.

About two weeks ago my parents went on a retreat with several families from Harpeth Hills. On that retreat they specifically prayed for me and prayed for an answer to my need for insurance. Three days later, I received an email saying I’d been accepted for an amazing insurance plan with no conditions effective that very day. Blessed. As I began to be overwhelmed by the gift of health, I realized that I have been healthy for 10 weeks now. Praise the Lord and thank you for your prayers!


2 thoughts on “Gratitude and How It Makes Everything Enough

  1. We are really grateful that your health has improved and that you have gotten health insurance.
    Tommye and Ken Barker

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