Finding My Niche

When envisioning going into mission work, I had a picture of going and loving what I did (even on the hard days) and feeling like God had perfectly designed me to do exactly what I was doing. That has not been my experience.

I have gone from being a traveling English teacher in the elementary school, to a substitute in preschool, to a full-time teacher in preschool, to a 5th grade English and Science teacher. None of those moves were bad. Each of them was made in response to the school’s needs and I willingly went each time, hopeful that in one of those places I would find my niche.

Earlier in the year, the school library had to close. The teacher who had been the librarian for the past few years also taught a full load of English classes and, understandably, needed to step away from pulling double duty this year. (Honestly, I don’t know how she did for so long.) The library closing has been hard on both the students and the school. The previous librarian was getting mobbed by kids every week asking when they would get to go back. Many people from the U.S. have also been very invested in the library for several years and support was starting to drop as a result of it being shut down.

And I was asked to consider being a part of the solution. The school approached me with the offer that I could begin training to be the next librarian. One of the good things about bumping around so much is that I have started to discover some of my strengths, and as I thought about the job in the library it started to make sense for me to jump into that role. I’m organized, I don’t mind administrative tasks, and I LOVE books. (Thanks Mom for instilling that in me. Who knew that you were preparing me for this on down the line?)

So, I am currently training to be the school librarian. I have learned how to check books in and out of the library, how to shelve books, and I am slowing learning where things are. It feels like a huge task to take on, but I am excited for the kids to get to come back to the library when they return to school at the end of July. We are one of the only schools in the country that has a library and lets kids take books home. One of my goals as a teacher was, and now as the librarian is, to get kids excited about reading. So pray for me as I step into this new role. Pray that God would bring me into my niche. And even if this is not it, pray that I would let this next step mold me as I have tried to let each one before it.

my new home at school

my new home at school


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