Exactly One Year

Act 1: Camp

Thursday and Friday of this last week, I traveled with the 7, 8, and 9th graders up into the mountains. Camp. Having put in 3 of my last 4 summers on staff at HoneyRock Camp in WI, I believe in the impact that a small dose of camp can have. I believe that somewhere in the silly songs, the ridiculous games, and the unending screams teachable moments lie in wait. At camp, students are thrown into disequilibrium, and in that state, instead of deflecting or dodging hard questions, they stop, listen, and consider them.

The camp theme was parents. In our Bible studies, the 8th graders in my cabin were engaged and participated in an authentic and thoughtful way – it was shocking and beautiful. I’m pretty well convinced that the camp will have a real and permanent impact on them and their relationship with their parents. God’s power to transform us and our relationships through his Truth and Spirit is awesome.

Act 2: Kentucky and California

This week LPDV has been hosting a missions team from Hazard, Kentucky. They have been doing work projects at the school and acting as conversation partners in English classes. However because of their accents, our students have had a pretty hard time of it 😉 They joined us today at La California. We were blessed by their enthusiasm, hard work, and a skit called, “Jesus: the Super-est Superhero” Take a look:ImageImageImageImage


Little Softball Injury

LaCa-June15-Blog-14 LaCa-June15-Blog-13 LaCa-June15-Blog-12 LaCa-June15-Blog-10 LaCa-June15-Blog-9 LaCa-June15-Blog-8 LaCa-June15-Blog-7ImageLaCa-June15-Blog-20 LaCa-June15-Blog-19 LaCa-June15-Blog-18 LaCa-June15-Blog-17 LaCa-June15-Blog-16LaCa-June15-Blog-21 LaCa-June15-Blog-22 LaCa-June15-Blog-23 LaCa-June15-Blog-25 LaCa-June15-Blog-26 LaCa-June15-Blog-27 LaCa-June15-Blog-28 LaCa-June15-Blog-29 LaCa-June15-Blog-30 LaCa-June15-Blog-31

Did the pictures inspire any questions? Email me! jmsmllkn@gmail.com

Act 3: Year in Review

Well if you made it this far in the blog post, you must really love us 😉 Looking back on this year, two words come to mind: Humility and Hope. On the former, I have never felt so powerless and incompetent, and I have also never believed in God’s transformative power as much as I do now. I feel like am I not only shrinking, but the mountains of God’s power are growing taller around me. On the latter, I truly believe that what we are doing is Kingdom Work – part of God’s great loving plan. When I was an RA at Wheaton, I loved asking the guys on my floor, “Why did you get out of bed? What motivates you to do even the simplest of things?” My answer today is Hope.

– James


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