Back at school(s)

Act 1: Library and Lab

Having returned to school for the 2nd half of the year, Savanna has begun regular “Library Time”s, and the first wave of over-due books are trickling in. The library shares a wall with the science lab, and sometimes I worry that my bad science puns or uncontrolled laughter are unwelcome interruptions to the holy library silence. Polar BearBase under a SaltSince coming back, we have not yet had a full week of school; a mixture of holidays and a week-long soccer tournament have kept us from that sense of normalcy.

Act 2: New Horizons

Since Savanna’s library responsibilities are only 3 days-a-week, she has a little more time to get involved in a second ministry. She has some interviews coming up in the next few weeks. So please be praying for her as she looks for ways to use her God-given heart for orphans and children at risk. Some of the ministries she is planning to interview with are: Casa Viva and Hogar de Vida. Until this gets sorted out, she’s finding plenty to occupy her time in the library.

In order to get to any of the ministries with which she is interviewing, Savanna will need to drive. Already, she has been mustering up the courage to drive the “pura vida” way, and navigate unnamed streets with missing manhole covers, lane sharing motorcycles, steep hills, and very little respect for traffic laws. When I (james) first started driving here, I was very stressed until I heard a Tico explain, “It’s just like walking: do what you want, and try not to bump into anybody.”

Act 3: And Goliath Fell

Today we returned to La California for another round of English/Math tutoring. All I want to say is, “Praise God!” Today we continued to improve our relationships with the kids, making us able to better communicate our love and care. Poverty has been unkind to these children. So many physical, emotional, and academic needs! Today I learned that Nikol, a 12 year old 5th grader, can’t count to 30, and she is so scared of being humiliated that she refused to take her turn at bat during kickball.

I tell our student-tutors each time we go, “The most important thing you can give them is positive attention.” Today, that is what they gave. In math tutoring, I watched as the self-confidence of La California students improve before my eyes, just because there was someone alongside them encouraging them when they struggled and praising them when they succeeded.  I am so pumped to go back.

But I can’t forget to tell you about Goliath. For Bible Time this week, we did a skit on David and Goliath. We brought the story home with 9 ft. tall Goliath made of plywood. After the skit, each student got to take a couple shots with the water balloon launcher to see if they could knock the head back on its hinges!La Ca Aug-5La Ca AugLa Ca Aug-2La Ca Aug-3La Ca Aug-4


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