Buy a Book for Palabra de Vida!

boysDue to the generosity of so many, our library has a wide selection of English books to offer our students. However, reading in a second language for most people is pretty difficult. Though their English skills are very good, many books with imaginative worlds or made up characters are too difficult for our students to understand in English. Because our library is predominately English, many of them lose interest in reading as they get older. So, I am on a mission to build our school’s Spanish collection of books and in so doing to keep them engaged and interested in reading.

How can you help? I was hoping you’d ask! By clicking the link below you can see a list of books that our school would love to have in our library. You can use this list to go out and find the books in stores or you can order them online. Below each title you can click “Buy or view this item.” Clicking that link will take you to a website where the book is for sale. (If you can find the book cheaper somewhere else, go for it! We have no preference between hardback or paperback.) When you have chosen a book to purchase, put the following as the shipping address (or drop it off at Harpeth Hills):

Book Drive
Harpeth Hills Church of Christ
1949 Old Hickory Blvd.
Brentwood, TN 37027

Β Click here to view the wishlistΒ -Books are ordered by preference, but feel free to look for one of your favorites!

(Some of the books on the wishlist are in English because they are not being published in Spanish. You can still buy them for us in English!)

Once your order is complete, it would be awesome if you could either leave a comment on the blog or send me an email ( with the title of the book so I can remove it from the wishlist.Β 

Whew…after all that, you will have successfully donated a book to Palabra de Vida’s library! The books will be brought down by my parents when they come to visit in October, so please order books before October 3rd or drop them off at Harpeth Hills before October 8th. Thank you for inspiring these kids to keep reading!


11 thoughts on “Buy a Book for Palabra de Vida!

  1. La sangre del Autor (El Lombricero)
    El Cuento de Ferdinando
    El rescate. Guardianes de Ga’hoole 3

    Although est. shipping time is Oct 7-10… so it may or may not get there in time?

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