Picture This

Sometimes I feel like it is hard for you, as supporters who live 2,000 miles away, to feel like you are a part of what we do here. I think to myself, how can I help them understand what their sacrifice to support us does each day that we are here in Costa Rica? So picture this.

Every Tuesday to Thursday you, through me, get up (waaay too early) and go to Palabra de Vida. You interact with over 200 students. You read to them and help them learn how to think and make connections. You help them find books about things that they are interested in and try to expand their horizons. But more than that, you give them positive attention. You listen to their stories and do your best to answer their 1 million questions. You love on them and give them hugs in a way that their teacher, who has to deal with behavior issues all day long, is sometimes unable to do. You make them feel heard.

Every Monday and Friday you drive to Atenas. You love on children who have been abandoned. You play with them, laugh with them, hold them when they’re crying.  You feed them, give bottles, change diapers, wipe noses, wash hands, kiss boo boos. Every minute that you hold them or listen to them is a minute that they most likely would’ve been playing by themselves or one of five other kids if you hadn’t been there.  You make them feel valued and loved. When they go to sleep in the afternoon, you spend some time encouraging the people who take care of those 36 children day in and day out. You help them fold laundry, you teach them English, and you talk with them over coffee.  You encourage and support.

Once a month you take 25 tenth graders to La California School. You spend your Saturday tutoring children from a poor community in English and Math. You give them positive academic attention, probably for the first time in their lives. You play Ninja and kick ball and you share a Bible story with them. You give them hope.

What you allow us to do, what you are an integral part of, is HUGE. You listen. You love. You encourage. You give hope. You change lives.

Thank YOU for all you do for the children of Costa Rica. We are so grateful for the sacrifices you make to minister to them.


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