School Starts

From left to right: Older, Carolina, Angeline, Sara, and Kimberly.

Older at work

Older at work

ACT 1: Three Young Stars

Older, Angy, and Kim are three incoming sixth grade students from La California. For those of you who don’t know, La California is public school in a tough neighborhood next door to La Palabra de Vida. These three have been giving up their summer vacation to spend two hours a day* with me (James) in English classes. As we enter the new school year, these classes just ended. The effort was truly blessed: A local textbook publisher donated books and companion cd’s, we borrowed computers from LPDV, and my science students from LPDV came and volunteered as tutors. The students improved so much just over three weeks. We went from introducing absolute basics to writing paragraphs in the past tense.**

Kim and Carolina

Kim and Carolina

I was deeply impressed with how self-driven Older, Angy, and Kim were. Not only were they willing to do school (and homework) during vacation, but Kimberly gave up even another hour of her day making the walk between home and school. That kind of dedication to education gives me hope that we can really help these kids. In a country where English skills can take you and your family out of poverty and into middle class, I pray that God will continue to bless us as we continue English classes after-school in the coming year.

Sara and Angeline

Sara and Angeline

The older girls in the picture above are Sara and Carolina, two ninth grade students at LPDV. Yes, they are twins. Normally, I have 10th graders with me doing tutoring (for community service credit), but these two girls approached me, having been inspired by their church to find a place to do God’s loving service. Praise God. I consider it a testament to God’s power that rich, privileged teens would spend summer vacation going to a neighborhood that they’ve always avoided to tutor poor kids.  I’m ashamed to admit my cynicism, but I was surprised that any teen would be so dedicated to Christian service in such a setting. (i.e. no t-shirt, no international/intercultural experience, and no friends or youth group at their side). But Sara and Carolina proved to me that Holy Spirit is real and powerful, and their example has motivated me to refocus on the spiritual development of all my students.

Kim and Older

La Ca Jan-2

Act 2: Immigration

Good news! All or our documents have been submitted to the company that will be expediting our visa requests. We are pretty confident that this will go better than the first time we filed for visas, but of course continued prayers would be appreciated.***

footnotes: *A normal school day at La California is only 4 hours long. **… with a little help 🙂 *** thank you grammy for all your prayers as we’ve been gone through the confusion and stress of immigration


4 thoughts on “School Starts

  1. I love that the little boy is named Olderis his younger sibling is named Younger? What about if they have three? Older, Younger and Youngest? Sorry, Im sure youve heard that a million times by now 🙂 Great post James! Rachel

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