2 twenty-somethings, 100 teens, 40 kids, and a baby

Baby, Baby, Baby, OhhhFirst off, in case any of our regular readers haven’t heard. Savanna is pregnant. That’s right – pregnant! The baby is due in late September, and we couldn’t be more excited. Yes, we are planning to have the baby here in Costa Rica. Savanna has met her doctor and really likes her. Kepler

The school year started in early February. I (James) am teaching 10th and 11th graders Physics and Chemistry; I couldn’t be happier if I was twins. I remind my Physics students every week that world will never look the same after this class: Every time a car passes – Doppler Effect, Every time you see a rainbow – Refraction. See lightning / hear thunder – relative speeds of light and sound, and it goes on. It’s so fun to teach students about their own world – the one they have been surrounded by forever. To teach them the principles that hold it together, and the ways that humanity has chased better understanding of them – “thinking God’s thoughts after him” We’ve also had our first Saturday with 5th graders from La California.

Now that we are in our second year of the program, we’ve been able to build on curriculum and activities from last year. So for our first day of tutoring, we hit the old goliath statue with water balloons, practiced complete sentences using pronouns, and spread the good news that God’s power is great  and so is His love for us. But we have had one big change this year. The school’s Bible Teacher / Psychologist, Lauren, has joined our leadership team. She’s a Tica, whose passion for God and energy for service is contagious. Lauren’s a true blessing on the team.

Honestly, it might have been the best event we have had at La California yet. The 5th graders got really into all the activities – even the English tutoring ones! The 10th graders had a great “I am second (or third…)” attitude, focusing not on themselves but on the kids. Lauren lead a great Bible Time that had real hope to be shared.

God has blessed us with Children to Serve: His children at LPDV, His children at La California, and soon His child in our own family.

Thanks for reading. Thanks for praying. La Ca 2014-3-8-7La Ca 2014-3-8-2 La Ca 2014-3-8-1 La Ca 2014-3-8-3 La Ca 2014-3-8-4 La Ca 2014-3-8-5 La Ca 2014-3-8-6


3 thoughts on “2 twenty-somethings, 100 teens, 40 kids, and a baby

  1. Congratulations!!! We are very happy for you. You guys have done a great work in Costa Rica. Now you have even more to be excited about. We will keep you in our prayers.

    Regards, Jim Harrod


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