Exciting News!

It’s been a while since we updated you on life in Costa Rica and we wanted to let you know how we’re doing. It has been so exciting to be in the library this year and especially to see our students change and grow. The books that so many of you bought for our library have quickly become the favorites and are constantly checked out. Some of the students have even requested that I start waiting lists. It’s a fun problem to have!

Things at Hogar de Vida have been going well. I love helping the little guys meet milestones and discover new things. For the past few weeks my job has mainly consisted of giving one-on-one attention to some of the kids who are just starting to walk and really need help practicing. So many of them are at least a few months behind developmentally and it is really important to try to help keep them on track. My favorite days are still the days when I get to see little boys and girls meet their new parents and watch families fall in love with each other. What a blessing to be a part of it!

boyWe have been falling in love with a little one of our own and we have some exciting news to share. Baby Millikan is a little BOY! At almost 19 weeks I am nearing the half way point which is both exciting and scary 🙂 Our little boy is expected to arrive in September. We are hoping to make it back to the States in July to see some of you before the baby arrives, so we will keep you updated on our travel plans. I continue to feel like I have been blessed with an extremely easy pregnancy and most days I just feel really grateful. Thank you so much for your prayers for all three of us and our students!


And for those who’ve been requesting to see the (still relatively small) belly, here it is:

18 weeks 4 days

18 weeks 4 days

It’s a little more noticeable in person so hopefully next time the picture will be more exciting!


4 thoughts on “Exciting News!

  1. Congratulations to you both! It’s always exciting to hear about your experiences in mission, and now about your upcoming family addition. I hope the pregnancy continues to go smoothly. (Stephanie and I are also expecting a baby boy in September.)

  2. Great news! We will be praying for your pregnancy to continue to be a easy, and for your safe arrival back to the US and baby boy Millikan into this world. God’s Blessings to you both.

  3. James and Savanna,
    How exciting this is! We are praying for your continued good pregnancy, safety in travel and continued growth!
    Paula Rummage

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