World Cup Craziness and La California!

When in ticolandia...

When in ticolandia…

It has been an exciting week here in Costa Rica. First of all, World Cup 2014 has officially begun! Classes at school were cancelled from 12:30 until dismissal to watch the opening ceremony in Brazil on Thursday and will be cancelled to watch all of Costa Rica’s games for the duration of the tournament. Costa Rica won against Uruguay yesterday, only the fourth time they have ever one a World Cup game, and our streets exploded with flags and honking. We are living in the land of fútbol!


Sidewalks overflowing :)

Sidewalks overflowing 🙂

Today also officially marks our 2 year anniversary of moving to Costa Rica and we are so thankful to report WE HAVE BOTH BEEN APPROVED FOR COSTA RICAN RESIDENCY! Thank you for your prayers as we have faced obstacle after obstacle in trying to make this happen. We no longer have to worry about fines for not leaving the country or not being able to get driver’s licenses. (We have not been driving illegally, but have had to leave the country every 3 months to maintain our tourist status that validates our U.S. driver’s licenses.) In the next two weeks we should receive notice of the date in which we can go to the immigration office and receive our Costa Rican residency cards. We are looking forward to a year without the stress of worrying about our legal status!

Yesterday also marked our first time back at La California since the strike ended. We’ve said it before, but I think this was our best event yet! We decided to embrace current events and make the theme for the day World Cup. We shared the story of the good Samaritan and talked about how we should treat people of other nationalities and then put it into practice with trust-building games…and of course some soccer. The 10th graders from Palabra de Vida really took ownership of the event this month, planning out songs, games, and a drama and it was fun to see them embrace this opportunity. We are so thankful that the doors to La California are open to us again!

La Ca June 14-2 La Ca June 14-1 La Ca June 14-3 La Ca June 14-9 La Ca June 14-7 La Ca June 14-6 La Ca June 14-5 La Ca June 14-4 La Ca June 14-21 La Ca June 14-20 La Ca June 14-19 La Ca June 14-18 La Ca June 14-17 La Ca June 14-16 La Ca June 14-14 La Ca June 14-13 La Ca June 14-12 La Ca June 14-11 La Ca June 14-10


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