Two Years in Ticolandia

June 15th officially marked two years of living in Costa Rica. It is both fun and hard to look back over our time here and reflect on the trials and blessings we have lived. I would without a doubt summarize year one as the hardest year of my life. It brought me tears, frustration, depression, heartache…and ultimately growth. Year two, however, can be summed up for me as the year that Costa Rica became home. We have found joy in the ministries we are involved in, soaked up the simplicity of our life here, and formed deep and meaningful connections with some amazing friends. This year has not been without its challenges, but it has seen some huge blessings as well. Adopted little guys, maturing students, beautiful places, news of our son on the way. We are blessed!

I think that reaching this milestone has also made us look to the future and our last year in Costa Rica. We feel confident that God is taking us somewhere else for now, and are already excited about the dreams He has started to cultivate in us for this next season of life, but I am the last person to say that I ever thought I would also be heartbroken when I consider leaving. In some ways this begins a year of difficult transition. Maintaining connections here while anticipating having to break them (not fully, but in many ways) so soon. Having to turn off all of the Spanglish that has our minds completely tangled about which language is which. Learning to be parents in this culture and community, only to have our norms flipped upside down upon our return. Balancing excitement of returning to the States with sadness of leaving a place that has become a wonderful home. Transition is tough. So pray with us–give thanks for the huge blessings and pray for peace in the transition! And hopefully give us some grace as we navigate this path.

A little look back at this year in photos:


August Touring the Pacific Jungles


August Sloth Sanctuary


June Superhereos visit La California

La Ca Aug-2

August Goliath at La California

Lab Blog-3

July Esters in Chemistry Lab


October Lots of New Books for the Library

Waving goodbye from their dugout canoe

October Panamanian Natives waving goodbye from their dugout canoe

La Ca Jan-8

January Intensive English Tutoring

La Ca 2014-3-8-1

March English Tutoring at La California

March Finding out this little guy was on the way!

March Finding out this little guy was on the way!


May The Cloud Forest of Monteverde

May Teachers Strike


May The Beautiful Rio Celeste

Sidewalks overflowing :)

Sidewalks overflowing with World Cup Fever

La Ca June 14-18

June Trust Exercises with La California Kids


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