Generous. It just doesn’t seem like a big enough word to describe you all. And yet, I can’t think of any other adjective that describes you so well. You have been so generous with your money and your prayers and we are overwhelmed and grateful. We have been crunching the numbers and getting some official documentation over the past few weeks and we want to let you all know that from this point forward, we no longer need any further funds during what remains of our time in Costa Rica. You have given so abundantly that we have enough money in our account to live here and return home without any additional donations. Thank you! We don’t have an official leave date yet, but we will be returning to the United States sometime between May and July. We will keep you posted. What will happen to any extra funds in our account, you may ask? Our plan is to make a one time donation to Palabra de Vida that will serve as a scholarship fund for Kim and Older throughout high school. So, if you would like to continue giving in order to contribute to that scholarship fund, please feel free to do so. Your generosity is allowing us to leave behind a gift that will change Older and Kim’s lives. Again, thank you! And for those of you who are wondering how Baby Amos is…he’s great! His favorite things are rolling around, smiling, looking out windows, hand puppets, cereal, and being outside. He’s not a big fan of sleeping at night or carrots. We think he’s pretty awesome.


One thought on “Generous

  1. This is wonderful!!! I have been so neglectful and I apologize. I hope Amos is doing well AND his parents. Love to you all, Kim

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